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Why do we glorify being busy?

Let’s face it. I used to be a busyness champion. My calendar was a warzone, my inbox a bottomless pit, and my sleep schedule…well, let’s just say the dark circles under my eyes were a permanent resident.

Why? Because busyness had become a twisted badge of honour. The more overwhelmed I looked, the more important I must be, right? Wrong. Turns out, that trophy case of overflowing to-do lists wasn’t holding achievements — it was holding me hostage.

But here’s the thing: I wasn’t alone. We, as a society, seem to have a bizarre love affair with busyness. We wear our exhaustion like a fashion statement, bragging about how much we can cram into 24 hours. We’ve all seen the memes: “I’m not saying I’m a superhero, but I haven’t slept in 48 hours and I’m still caffeinated!” Funny? Maybe a little. But beneath the humour lies a troubling truth — we’ve normalised the glorification of being perpetually on the verge of collapse.

But here’s the question I want to pose to you : Is being busy really the same as being productive? Is constantly running on fumes a sign of success, or a recipe for burnout?

Think about it. When you’re constantly frazzled, are you making the best decisions? Are you showing up fully present in your relationships? Are you even enjoying the journey, or just white-knuckling your way to the finish line?

The truth is, glorifying busyness is a recipe for disaster. It not only impacts our well-being — hello, stress, anxiety, and a compromised immune system — but also hinders our ability to achieve the very things we’re striving for.

So, let’s ditch the busyness badge and replace it with something more meaningful.

Here’s my challenge to you: This week, take a step back. Look at your schedule with a critical eye. Is it serving you, or are you serving it?

Maybe it’s time to delegate, automate, or simply say “no” more often. Maybe it’s time to prioritise quality over quantity. Focus on doing less, but doing it better.

Remember, your worth is not defined by your to-do list. It’s defined by your well-being, your impact, and the joy you bring to the world (and yes, that includes the joy of a good night’s sleep!).

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