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Got questions? I've got answers. Here are some of the most common inquiries I receive about life coaching and my services. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to me for more information.

Q: What is life coaching?


A: Life coaching is a partnership between a coach and a coachee where individuals can achieve personal or professional goals using the guidance, support, and tools curated during a session in order to overcome challenges, unleash their true potential, and create positive and permanent change.

Q: How does life coaching work?


A: Life coaching takes place in one-on-one sessions where the coach and client work collaboratively to identify the goals, address challenges, and develop mindset for growth. The coach provides guidance, accountability and tools to help the client achieve the desired outcomes.

Q: Is life coaching only for people facing challenges?


A: Life coaching is for anyone and everyone who is looking to enhance their life and create a growth mindset. It's for individuals who want to achieve more, change the way they live, improve relationships, and create a life that aligns with their dreams and aspirations.

Q: What can I expect from a coaching session?


A: Coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and goals. You can expect open conversations, powerful questions, goal-setting, and actionable strategies. The coach will provide support, guidance, and a safe space to explore your thoughts and ideas.

Q: Is coaching confidential?


A: Yes, coaching sessions are confidential. Your privacy is paramount, and all discussions within the coaching relationship are kept strictly confidential.

Q: How long does a coaching engagement usually last?


A: The duration varies based on individual goals and needs. Sometimes, even one session is enough to mobilise the change in the right direction. The sessions are conducted on a weekly basis (either in person or online).

Q: What's the difference between coaching and therapy?


A: Coaching focuses on the present and future whereas a therapy often deals with healing past wounds. Life Coaching is about progress and overcoming all kinds of challenges that makes you feel ‘stuck’ in life. Coaching does not replace therapy but can complement and accelerate personal growth.

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