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How My Personal Journey Led Me to Become a Life Coach

Over two decades ago, I embarked on a deeply personal journey, driven by a profound self-realisation — there is always a better way to navigate life and its offerings. While this might seem like a simple realisation, it was, in fact, a monumental turning point that set me on a path to inspire and motivate individuals to transform their lives and become the authors of their own ‘Life Book.’

From Pain to Inspiration:

My journey towards becoming a Certified Life Coach commenced 30 years ago when I recognised that life isn’t always kind, and not everyone is blessed with unwavering support. I emerged as a survivor of profound emotional pain, now living a life brimming with positivity and motivation. The desire to guide others towards their inspired lives, reshaping their perspectives, and helping them script their ‘Life Book,’ fuels my purpose.

Meet Mona Babla:

I’m Mona Babla, a proud mother of two beautiful daughters, an ICF Certified Life Coach (ACC), NLP Practitioner, APP Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, and a dedicated blogger. My journey towards becoming a life coach commenced in my early 40s, as I realised that to follow my passion, I needed to redefine my life. My educational journey with Symbiosis (USA) led me to become a certified Life Coach. Since then, I’ve accumulated various certifications and an extensive toolkit of techniques to enhance my coaching practice.

Unlocking Your Potential:

As a Certified Life Coach, I collaborate with both individuals and organisations, guiding them to achieve their dreams and accelerate their results. I rely on diverse modalities, including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Mindfulness, and APP (Applied Positive Psychology), to empower my clients to unlock their true potential. We work together to overcome challenges such as anger, anxiety, fear, or past baggage that might be holding them back. My process focuses on maximising individual strengths, boosting self-belief and confidence, while concurrently minimising negative or limiting beliefs that hinder progress.

A Path to Transformation:

Whether it’s through this blog, a brief 10-minute talk, a personalised coaching session, or an engaging workshop, I’m here to motivate and guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Stay tuned for inspiring content right here, or visit my Instagram:

My journey from self-realisation to a Certified Life Coach has been a transformational one. I’m dedicated to helping you script your own ‘Life Book’ and guiding you toward a richer, more fulfilling life. Together, we’ll navigate the path of self-discovery and personal growth.

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