In her Vision Board Workshop, she helps you explore your dreams, creating a vision and turning them into reality. This helps you redefine your path to success. We all have it within us. She helps you connect with your sub conscious mind and bring it to a conscious mind, so that you can turn your dream into reality. Let’s explore empower ourselves with our innermost strengths and beliefs to be what you want to be.

In ‘The Goal Setting Workshop’, she helps you define your Goals and give it a holistic approach thus making it attainable. She helps you challenge yourself, especially your beliefs and your mindsets. She also helps formulate new beliefs that will take you towards your goals. She will help you overcome the problems or solve it, so that it takes you a step closer to your goals.

In her workshop on ‘Unleash Your Power’ held on 7 th March, 2020 at NSCI Club, Mumbai, she reached out to all aspiring women. She helped them explore their dreams and break through any fears and limits that have kept them small their entire life. She helped them increase their self confidence and develop an unbeatable mindset to discover and be a ‘New You’.

‘Catch them young’, they say.. So she had an opportunity to help 80 students from a Government School to envision their lives. She brought hope to them by channelizing them to a new direction and to think beyond their current reality. She also helped them explore their careers and help them set an action plan to make it achievable..

In her ‘Allow Yourself To Dream Workshop’ conducted For Enel, Mumbai; the world’s leading energy company, she helped 50 women employees explore their life realities. She helped them unleash the power of their subconscious mind and gave wings to their thoughts. Thereby, allowing themselves to believe in their dreams and wishes.